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Smart Ink Phone Case 2024 New Smart NFC E-Ink Phone Case 4 Colors Imaging Display Photos for 13/14/15/Pro/Pro Max

Smart Ink Phone Case 2024 New Smart NFC E-Ink Phone Case 4 Colors Imaging Display Photos for 13/14/15/Pro/Pro Max

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Product Features

  1. Cutting-Edge NFC Phone Case: Our NFC-enabled phone case revolutionizes the way you display content on your device. With innovative NFC technology, the case features an ink screen that consumes minimal power, allowing images to remain on display indefinitely without draining your phone's battery, even when the case is removed.

  2. APP is Easy to Use: Search the APP "AI Phone Case", download it to your mobile phone, open the APP, and you can freely edit and transfer pictures and text. Enjoy easy editing and transfer of images and text directly to your phone case for a customized experience.

  3. Benefits of Ink Screen Technology: Our ink screen offers a range of advantages, including low power consumption, heat-free operation, radiation-free display, and long-lasting image retention. NFC technology ensures rapid wireless transmission of content to the ink screen for effortless updates.

  4. Considerations for Ink Screens: While ink screens excel in specific areas, it's important to note their limitations. Compared to LCD screens, our black, white, blue and red four-color ink display is tailored for simple black-and-white images, lacking the color depth, pixel density, and clarity of LCD screens.

  5. Sleek and Practical Design: Select the appropriate model to perfectly complement your phone. Our phone case boasts a classic and functional design, featuring easy assembly and disassembly. Crafted from premium materials, the case is built for durability and offers a sophisticated appearance to elevate your device.

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